Reusable Balloon Cluster Kit w/ Ground Spike {EZ550}

Reusable Balloon Cluster Kit w/ Ground Spike {EZ550}
Item Number: EZ550

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Detailed Description

Five times the impact of our Reusable Ground Pole Kit! The use of two Cluster Arms allows this kit to hold five Reusable Balloons at once! Designed for use with any landscaped or grassy area. Each Kit includes one 35" tall sturdy aluminum pole, two Balloon Cluster Arms, Five 30" tall fiberglass & reinforced plastic Balloon Holders, Five Balloon Adapter Clips, one 27" tall steel Ground Spike and five Reusable Balloons!

The sturdy steel Ground Spike insures that your pole will not tip over. Conveniently use your foot or a hammer to implant the spike into the grass or dirt.

Unique twist notch-lock design allows these Balloon Holders to be safely and securely interchanged with our Reusable Balloon Window Holder Kit (EZ529).

Overall height (including a Reusable Balloon) is 8 feet. Each Balloon Cluster Arm is 11 1/2" wide and holds two Balloon Holders. These Arms can be easily added to any existing Reusable Balloon Ground Pole.

Parts also sold seperately.

For Video Instructions on how to assemble the Balloon Cluster Kit Click Here

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