Reusable Balloon {EZ524}

Reusable Balloon {EZ524}
Item Number: EZ524

Detailed Description

46 New Designs to choose from including Dealer and Real Estate logos! NO HELIUM NEEDED! Guaranteed not to break! Reusable Balloon ONLY! Similar to a beach ball, this reusable inflatable balloon is made out of PVC vinyl and is 20 inches in diameter. It is a great way to attract attention without using helium since you only need air. Use with the Reusable Cluster Kit (EZ550), Balloon Holder Kit (EZ529) or the Reusable Balloon Ground Kit (EZ546). Don't forget our Quick Flow Deluxe Balloon Inflator EZ512.

Please note that while this product can be used anytime of the year it is still sensitive to air density.

In colder weather air in the Balloons will contract causing the balloon to deflate a little. Filling the balloon all the way might help it stay inflated. Slight deflation does not mean the Balloon is defective. Keeping the Reusable Balloon inflated in a controlled climate (such as an office) is a good way to test the Balloon.